THE 7th CIRCLE - What about Magic?

What about magic?

To cast any spell, both in combat or while exploring the dungeon, you have to know the right "magic formula", a unique 4 letter words. You can found these formulas scattered in the dungeon. If your magic skill is good enough, you can launch the spell associated with that formula.

If you have played games like "The Bard's Tale 3" you may found this mechanic familiar, but don't worry because in "The 7th Circle" is a little bit more user- friendly: the spellbook is automatically updated when you cast a new spell or read a new magic formula and it's sorted by magic schools.

There are more than 70 spells currently in the game, divided in 5 magic schools (Conjuration, Elemental Magic, Black Magic, White Magic, Necromancy) and every magic school has its own skill-tree, with unique perks and upgrades.

cast a spell in The 7th Circle

"Project Daedalus", November gameplay video

New gameplay video. This time is a little longer and you can see some new details.

I'm currently working on "Traits" and "Perks" to allow the player to customize the character in every feature. Do you want to build a spell-caster that uses only blunt weapons and can recover Spell Points when lose all his Stamina, in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of battle? Or do you want to create a powerful warrior, master of pole weapons with blood so cold that can freeze enemies every time they hit him? Well, you can :)

"Project Daedalus", new gameplay video

In this video you can see the character creation, the spell casting system and some combat sequences.

Character Creation: this is just the first screen of the creation process, but you can already see attributes and skills. You can set up some skill points in the beginning and they will increase every time you use a specific skill.

Spellcasting: It's something like The Bard's Tale 3; you need to know the magic "formula" to cast. I always thought that i's an interesting system, because you can discover new words and it's more fascinating than just pick a name on a list. There are more than 50 spells already in the game, divided in 5 schools.

Combat: I've used a similar system in Mazes od Karradash. Turn based combat, with a big relevance for Stamina usage. For every attack you will lose Stamina, and you need to defend or rest once in a while otherwise your enemy will attack many times in a row. You can also move backwards and forwards, because there are weapons with different ranges and you can use different tactics to take advantage of different situations. As you can see, combat are not randomly generated; you can see your enemy in the dungeon.

In 1 or 2 weeks we we'll launch a crowdfunding campaign. I'll post more info about it very soon.