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  • "Mazes of Karradash", Reviews roundup of the first chapter
    "Mazes of Karradash 2"  is almost here! To have an idea of what MoK2 will be, here is a series of reviews of the first chapter of the series. The most recent one is availa
  • Plan 8 From Outer Space
    New game! A little tribute to shoot'em up genre (and to Ed Wood!)... Plan 8 From Outer Space ! Just shoot shoot shoot and kill some aliens. Available for iOS since yesterd
  • MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, a new adventure game
    A new 68kstudios 's game is available on the App Store. It's MIDNIGHT ESCAPE , a horror adventure game. Using only your flashlight, you have to explore a giant house, solv
  • "THE RIDDLES OF FINGERLING", now on Amazon App-Shop
      I'm happy to announce that since today  The Riddles of Fingerling  is available for all Android devices. You can download it using the Amazon App Shop ( download it here
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