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  • "The Riddles of Fingerling", out in a few weeks
    The upcoming adventure game, for iPhone and iPad, titled "The Riddles of Fingerling" (aka "Fingerling's Riddles") is now in its final stages of development. Here it is a l
  • "MULLET DRAGON", now on App Store
    Mullet Dragon , modern-retrogame available now for iPad and iPhone! Tunes link: Help Bimmy Lee (p
  • "Fingerling's Riddles" - new adventure game
    "Fingerling's riddles" (working title) is an upcoming adventure game  for iPhone/iPad by Prisma Comunicazione.  The main character of the story is Maurice Fingerling, a pu
  • "My Hell" FAQ and Walkthrough
    "My Hell"   is a horror adventure game for iPhone and iPad, and it is free. It was published by Prisma Comunicazione about two years ago. Here you can find the walkthrough

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