"MULLET DRAGON", the revenge of the '80s


Probably only few people knows the "third dragon", Bimmy Lee. He's not famous like his brothers Billy and Jimmy, but you may like his adventures. Fighting against street gangs and aliens, Bimmy tries to save his girlfriend.

Soundtracks from some of our games

As someone request, now you can listen and download musics from "My Hell", "The way of the exploding mosquito" and the upcoming 8bit/arcade game "Mullet Dragon".

All the tracks are written and played by me. Hope you enjoy it.

Download all tracks

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"Fingerling's Riddles" - new adventure game

"Fingerling's riddles" (working title) is an upcoming adventure game  for iPhone/iPad by Prisma Comunicazione. 

The main character of the story is Maurice Fingerling, a puzzle maker who has a special gift: he has psychic powers. His friend Vincent is a detective who involves him in an investigation in which Fingerling must use his unconventional methods to get into the mind of the suspect. 

But the criminals use their subconscious to cover their memories. Behind riddles and puzzles are hidden clues to trap the culprit.

"Fingerling's Riddle" is currently in production and I expect to publish it within Summer 2013.

Play "My Hell" online

Play "My Hell", a horror adventure game available for iPhone, online.

My Hell

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"My Hell" FAQ and Walkthrough

"My Hell"  is a horror adventure game for iPhone and iPad, and it is free. It was published by Prisma Comunicazione about two years ago. Here you can find the walkthrough, but consider that it is a quite short game, maybe you can complete the game without looking at this guide ;)

Anyway, here it is: