Complete walkthrough and answers for 'The Riddles of Fingerling'

After more than a year since it's debut, I think that is time to publish the complete walkthrough and all the answers for The Riddles of Fingerling.

You can find the interactive walkthrough here.

Fingerling, now on Google Play Store

Big news: The Riddle of Fingerling is now available FOR FREE on Play Store, for android devices.

You can find it here: Play Store 


If you need some help with MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, here you can find the answers for all the riddles.

Obviously, this article is full of spoilers, so if you want to finish the game on your own, stop reading now. Otherwise, go on.

MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, now available for Android

midnight escape for android

Midnight Escape is now available for Android devices too.

100% free, 100% complete. No iAP, download and play the whole adventure.

Link to Play Store

MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, ver 1.2 now available

Midnight Escape ver 1.2 is now available on the App Store.


The navigation through the rooms and the interaction with the objects is much faster now.

Update for "The Way of the Exploding Mosquito"

A little update for "The Way of the Exploding Mosquito" for iOS.


VER 1.3

- Universal build
- Crash fix

more info and download iTunes Page