"Mazes of Karradash 2" is almost ready

The development of "Mazes of Karradash 2" is almost complete and in the next few weeks I will publish it on App Store and Google Play. There are a lot of new features in this sequel; new classes, new skills and it's even bigger than the first Karradash.

You you want to see a preview, here it is:

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About combat mechanics in "Mazes of Karradash"

A small guide about combat mechanics of "Mazes of Karradash".

First: the values of ATK and DEF respectively affect the ability to hit and be hit.

As the PG attacks, the die roll that determines whether the shot was on target or not is based on the difference between the ATK (PG) value and DEF (enemy) value.

So, how important is to improve these values?

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"Mazes of Karradash" 1.1 changelog

* Faster loading times for battle screen.
* Now you can sacrifice an adventurer to an altar to obtain his soul. See game manual for details.
* New icons and graphics.
* "Calm Enemies" scroll last longer and allow you to sleep a little safer.
* Added an indicator when you get enough XP to level up.
* Gold pieces count is now displayed in the "Status Screen".
* Fast item usage from main screen.

Get it now for Android, next week for iOS.

"Mazes of Karradash" out now for iOS and Android

Mazes of Karradash

Mazes of Karradash, the new Dungeon Crawl for iOS and Android is now available.

You can find it here


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"Mazes of Karradash" a new dungeon crawl

Mazes of Karradash is an upcoming dungeon crawl rpg for iOS and Android devices.

If you like Dungeon Master, Eye of Beholder or the Wizardry series, this game is for you.

Youtube Trailer

Coming soon.

Plan 8 From Outer Space

New game! A little tribute to shoot'em up genre (and to Ed Wood!)... Plan 8 From Outer Space!

Just shoot shoot shoot and kill some aliens.
Available for iOS since yesterday. You can find it here 


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