"My Hell" FAQ and Walkthrough

"My Hell"  is a horror adventure game for iPhone and iPad, and it is free. It was published by Prisma Comunicazione about two years ago. Here you can find the walkthrough, but consider that it is a quite short game, maybe you can complete the game without looking at this guide ;)

Anyway, here it is:

The Riddles of Fingerling


- When you can't find a clue and you are stuck, touch the PAUSE BUTTON and read again the last hint. The first hint suggests you to go in the garden, so go on the right wing of the house and pass through the kitchen's back door to find the garden playhouse.

- You will find a hint in the same room of the television. Next to the piano, there are some books. One of these contains a mathematical sequence. 
The sequence is: 82412xx1854xx. You have to read it in this way: 8 - 24 - 12 - xx - 18 - 54 - xx. The second number is "first number X3", the third is "second number/2", and again X3, /2, X3, /2...
The code si 3627.

- First of all, search for the book in Amanda's room. It's next to the desk, on the shelf. Then, go back on the first floor, and look at the painting next to the stairs. It' called “12 wise men and the melody of sinners”. Compare the clothes's description that you have found in the book with the men on the painting. Count them from left to right, despite their position on background or foreground. You can see that the correct order is 2-5-8.Now go to the piano, and touch only these 3 keys in sequence (count both blacks and whites keys). The grey keys on the far left and far right should not be considered.


The Riddles of Fingerling

- Go to the garden and enter the playhouse.
- Touch the painting of the woman next to the fireplace.
- Go upstairs, go to the far right room and touch the bed.
- Go back downstairs. See the Parental Control Code question above.
- Go to the study and touch the crucifix.
- Go upstair, in the boy's room and touch the drawing on the wall.
- Downstairs, in the kitchen. Touch the cabinet on the right. 
- Upstairs, daughter's room. Examine the doll on the floor.
- See the Puzzle of the piano above.
- Bathroom, ground floor. Search for the scissors.
- Go to the garden, far right zone. Touch the gas can.
- Upstairs, bathroom. Examine the mirror.
- In the kitchen, touch the bottle of wine.
- Upstairs again. In the kid's room, turn on the radio.
- Far right room on the first floor. Search the desk and open the drawer. 


The Riddles of Fingerling

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Am trying to play this on an iPad. I don’t know how to input data. All I can do it touch items and move around.

Frustrated - 07-07-’13 19:47

Hello. Follow at least the first steps of this guide to get into the mindset of the game. Is not the typical adventure like “take the object – use the object in the right place – search for another object – etc etc”.

And check the latest clues by pausing the game.


Federico (URL) - 09-07-’13 17:08

Thanks. I came to this website because I didn’t know what to do. When I get to the handbook that contains a mathematical sequence, I can’t even see the sequence listed on this website. Where is the sequence?

Frustrated - 09-07-’13 19:33

It’s the “parental control code”, read above for details.

Federico (URL) - 09-07-’13 23:47

I am not explaining this well. The above reads “- You will find a hint in the same room of the television. Next to the piano, there are some books. One of these contains a mathematical sequence. The sequence is 82412xx1854xx”

How do you see that sequence? Open the book? I touch the book but I never see a sequence.


Frustrated - 10-07-’13 02:27

There are some books on the little shelf next to the piano. One of them (on the right) contains the sequence. You have to touch it, but only after you have seen the cutscene in the bedroom on the first floor.

Hope this can help you.

Federico (URL) - 10-07-’13 11:29

Yes! That is what I needed to know. So more clues are revealed as you explore items and see cut scenes.

Frustrated - 10-07-’13 14:59

I have worked on the piano thing for days what am I doing wrong.

Scotty - 11-07-’13 18:01

Are you counting both white and black keys? Remember that the gray ones on the left should not be considered.

Federico (URL) - 11-07-’13 21:12

It’s not even showing keys just one big white strip and it keeps saying I’m not sure if I can play piano?!

Scotty - 12-07-’13 16:26

Scotty: Things are revealed to you one at a time. You use the last clue to guide you to the next object that reveals a new clue. So you have not made it to the part where the piano is to be revealed. Everything must be done in order. If you still need help, you need to give us your last clue for us to know where you should go next. I did not realize this is what the game requires until I asked the above questions. Then it became fairly simple.

Federico: I suggest you say something like this: “First examine each room and object. Then use the last clue to determine which object will reveal a new clue. Continue throughout the game in this way.”

Also, I ran into a bug. When I found the clue in the cabinet in the kitchen and headed to the girl’s room to check her doll, nothing happened whe I touched the doll. The clue was no longer the last clue but the previous one about finding where Lily was hiding. So I had to go back to the cabinet. This kept happening. So then I checked the cabinet, saw the clue was listed as my last clue, walked into the room with the fireplace and my clue was still ok, walked into the room with the piano and my clue was ok. But then I walked into the main room and the clue was back to the one about finding Lily again. I did it again but this time the clue stayed correct and I was able to continue with her doll. I then finished the game.


Frustrated - 12-07-’13 20:43

Thank you, I will check this bug ;)

Federico (URL) - 13-07-’13 19:01

I know the sequence is 2-5-8 but what does that mean?

Gilman - 14-07-’13 03:32

The 2nd, then 5th and 8th key, starting from left and counting both white and black keys on the piano keyboard.
Read the walkthrough and “puzzle of the piano” for details.

Federico (URL) - 14-07-’13 23:02

I just dont know the last step i cant find the farthest room to the right on the first floor. What desk and what drawers??

Naeem - 16-07-’13 00:09

Sorry for the misunderstanding: it’s the amanda’s room, the one with the queen-size bed (first floor, door on the right). In this room, you can find the desk on the left.

Federico (URL) - 16-07-’13 12:39

I read the clue about the dolls…then when I examined the doll in her room nothing happened. I looked at the walk through and was told to go to the piano next…but nothing. I’m stuck…

Myers - 17-07-’13 07:10

In the above comments, I read that someone else had the same problem. As soon as I enter the main room…my hint changes back….

Myers - 17-07-’13 07:16

ok, I have found the bug: you have to WAIT a little bit (about 15 seconds) after you have watched the cutscene of the cabinet. After that, you can go back to the main room and then on the first floor.

I am sorry, in a few days you will get an update for My Hell.

Federico (URL) - 18-07-’13 18:31

I can’t get past the cabinet in the kitchen. I find the note, the hint on Pause updates, until I enter the main hall of the house. Nasty, little bug :(
Any suggestions?

Genaeve - 22-07-’13 17:16

Please, read this

Federico (URL) - 22-07-’13 19:52

I’m playing this on my iPad. I am unable to input any data or collect things (at least, if I’m supposed to collect things). I can only click and move around. Very frustrating.

Jbschlade - 07-08-’13 22:38

In the last hint, the gun should be found in the second floor.

Tsu - 14-09-’13 14:13

Seriously ! How am I supposed to solve the piano puzzle via iPhone ! All I get is Keys sound mute and I can’t get anything from your description ! Please upload a photo !

LEONA - 20-10-’13 03:42
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

@ Leona

Image added ;)

Federico (URL) - 21-10-’13 07:57

How can I see the puzzle of the piano above the doll? Am I missing something?

K8e - 29-11-’13 23:02

Follow the walktrough: after you hear a music from the doll, go downstairs, touch the piano an read “how can I pass the puzzle of the piano” in his page.

Federico - 30-11-’13 13:56

I finished everything I just don’t get what it means to relive history and who is the madman?

Grant - 15-04-’14 16:36
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

Hi, the madman is the new husband of Amanda

Federico (URL) - 16-04-’14 17:18

I did all the puzzles for the piano but for some reason it won’t let me play and keeps saying the “the keys sound mute”

Autumn - 27-07-’14 07:58

Yes there is no sound, but don’t worry: touch the keys in the correct order and it will works

Federico (URL) - 28-07-’14 07:43

i have past the code for the tv and it gave me the next clue but i dont know what it means that show do

jocelyn - 08-12-’14 04:34
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

Hi, after the tv riddle you have to go to the studio (far left room) and touch the crucifix.

Federico (URL) - 08-12-’14 12:06

Found the desk but there isn’t a drawer what do I do

Kithra - 24-07-’15 04:21


Kithra - 24-07-’15 04:24

Ok I followed the instructions on going to Amanda’s room and then looking at the painting. However, when I go back to the piano the keys are still mute. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I’m confused. Thank you if you can help.

Frustrated - 27-12-’15 15:13
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

Have you find the book in Amanda’s room? Can you see the screen of the piano keyboard (see above)?
If you can see the piano keys, you have to touch them in the correct sequence. Otherwise, you have to search for the book.


Federico (URL) - 01-01-’16 14:35

It’s saying that the keys sound mute. What does that mean and what do I do about it?

Nathan - 14-03-’16 19:29
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

@Nathan: touch the keys as shown in the picture to solve the puzzle (but before, search for the book in the bedroom on the second floor)

Federico (URL) - 21-03-’16 08:05
Arabian dude

There’s a laptop on the desk is it relevant to the game?

Arabian dude - 10-04-’16 17:37
<span class='registered'>Federico</span>

No, it isn’t

Federico (URL) - 11-04-’16 08:00

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