Complete walkthrough and answers for 'The Riddles of Fingerling'

After more than a year since it's debut, I think that is time to publish the complete walkthrough and all the answers for The Riddles of Fingerling.

You can find the interactive walkthrough here.

Fingerling, now on Google Play Store

Big news: The Riddle of Fingerling is now available FOR FREE on Play Store, for android devices.

You can find it here: Play Store 


If you need some help with MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, here you can find the answers for all the riddles.

Obviously, this article is full of spoilers, so if you want to finish the game on your own, stop reading now. Otherwise, go on.

Update for "The Way of the Exploding Mosquito"

A little update for "The Way of the Exploding Mosquito" for iOS.


VER 1.3

- Universal build
- Crash fix

more info and download iTunes Page

MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, a new adventure game

A new 68kstudios 's game is available on the App Store. It's MIDNIGHT ESCAPE, a horror adventure game.


Using only your flashlight, you have to explore a giant house, solving riddles and puzzles, challenging your fear.
Some of the features that make MIDNIGHT ESCAPE a game different from the usual adventures:

  • You can only see part of the screen illuminated by the flashlight
  • Keep an eye on the battery level of the flashlight. If the battery runs out, you die.
  • You can explore the house for clues, or you can try to save battery and solve the riddles without help. you can choose your strategy.

The app is FREE and only if you like it you can buy the full game. 

You can find it here: App Store Link




New update for The Riddles of Fingerling.

Changelog for ver. 1.1.2:

  • Fix: answer for riddle 8 ver. 4 now is correctly shown in the walkthrought/answers section
  • New: added a link in the Riddle Two page to get some tips
  • As you can see, new icon for the game 

Download the game here

download fingerling