MY HELL update: 1.3.2 available now

My Hell

It's now available a new update for My Hell. The bug that for some users prevent to complete the cabinet/doll step is now resolved.

I have fixed some other minor issues and improved the interface. I hope that everything is fine now.

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MY HELL bug fix

my hell

Some users have reported an issue in My Hell, just after the clue "Is Lily still hiding herself in the cabinet?": as soon as you return in the main room, the last clue will change back to being the old one, making it necessary to look again the cabinet in which Lily is hiding herself.

I'm working on fixing the bug and within a few days the game will be updated.

Meanwhile, you can overcome the problem waiting a few seconds (15/20 approximately) immediately after interacting with the cabinet and reading what is written inside.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, the new update is forthcoming.

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