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Project Daedalus is a video game that blends the essence of 90's Dungeon Crawlers with a modern graphic style. This graphic style will be one of the focal points of this title, because we have chosen to "paint" every image in the game instead of using 3D models or pixelart.

Initially, I had no idea how to depict themes such as torture, violence and nightmares, so I looked for similar works. And I couldn't ignore one of the greatest survival horror, Silent Hill; like this game, Project Dedalus will feature monstrous creatures are the visual representation of fears.

Another inspiration came from the monsters created by Anthony Jones, the well-known concept artist and illustrator who worked for majors such as Blizzard and Hasbro.

My intent was to show the character's nightmares through the enemies that he will face: it's like an inner journey to defeat his demons.

I love horror genre but usually games and movies don't have solid stories behind them and prefer to use cliches and jump scares; and for visual artists, it's hard to develop mature themes without a proper background. Instead, Project Daedalus already shows very interesting elements to work on. And I'm ready to show you some nightmares.

Gaetano Carlucci, Main Visual Artist

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Author: Federico Fanelli

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