Recap - What we are working on

In these weeks our work focuses on two main projects.

On the one hand we have Karradash - The Lost Dungeons, an Action Roguelike that will be available from September on Steam for Windows PC. It is a spin-off of "Mazes of Karradash" and will be much more action-oriented as it is not a turn-based game.

In addition to this imminent project we are working on a new title - now known as Project Daedalus -, also for Windows PC. It is a first person dungeon crawler but it will not be part of the "Mazes of Karradash" series: despite the similarities in gameplay you will notice that atmosphere and setting of the two games will be very different.

For now, we can say that Project Daedalus will be a creepy game with a horror plot and mature content.

Project daedalus enemy

Author: Federico Fanelli

Game designer, musician, programmer.

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